Tips for Video Marketing for the U.S. Market.


  1. 5G will make video marketing a must

  2. Top 5 most popular social networking sites in the U.S. in 2021 - YouTube is the Best.

  3. YouTube Marketing in the US

  4. Tips on Video Marketing for Overseas

  5. TAMAKI CONSULTING can help you create videos for overseas markets.

5G will make video marketing a must】

The introduction of your company's services through video has a far greater volume of information than text information in print media or on the web, so good use of video content can improve corporate recognition and motivation to purchase products and services.

Today, with the spread of video distribution services such as YouTube and TikTok, especially among the younger generation, many companies, regardless of industry, are implementing video marketing on their own websites and corporate social networking sites, not only for consumers (BtoC) but also for businesses (BtoB).

Since video marketing can be less costly than traditional TV commercials, effective video marketing will increase the chances of business expansion for many companies.

In the age of the new normal, video marketing is very effective because not only is the demand for online video increasing, but with the spread of 5G in the future, video viewing rates on smartphones will increase even more. In the U.S., 5G service started in 2018, which is earlier than Japan, so video advertising is expected to become more popular than website advertising for marketing to the U.S. in the future.

5 Popular SNS in the US in 2021 - YouTube is the most popular】

Here are the most used social media platforms among the 16-64 age group in the US as of 2021. The figures in parentheses are in comparison to 2020.

No. 1: YouTube 81.9% (+3.67%)

No. 2 Facebook 73.4% (-0.81% )

No. 3 Instagram 56.6% (+8.85%)

No. 4 Facebook messenger 55.7% (+1.27%)

No. 5 Twitter 43.2% (+8%)

Reference: Digital in the United States: All the Statistics You Need in 2021 — DataReportal – Global Digital Insights

YouTube has the highest usage rate, with an increase of 3.67% compared to the previous year, while Facebook's usage rate has decreased compared to the previous year, but still boasts a large market share with 73.4% of respondents using it. It's still a force to be reckoned with when marketing to the US.

Instagram and Twitter had the highest percentage increase compared to the previous year, with Instagram increasing by 8.85% and Twitter increasing by 8%.

【YouTube marketing in the US

YouTube is the platform with the highest age range, as it has 2 billion monthly logged-in users worldwide and a wide range of video creation agents for small children, students, professionals, and retirees. Therefore, there are countless marketing opportunities on YouTube. Here are some statistics-based information about YouTube user demographics and YouTube marketing in the United States.

1. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google

YouTube is also the second largest search engine in the world after Google. This means that when consumers are curious about a service, they search for it on YouTube, second only to Google. Therefore, SEO is very important when posting YouTube videos.

2. YouTube web traffic in the U.S. is about 3 times that of Japan

16.5% of YouTube's web traffic comes from the US.

The US accounts for the highest percentage of YouTube web traffic at 16.4%, followed by India at 9.3% and Japan at 4.9%. Compared to Japan, the number of YouTube views in the U.S. is about three times higher.

3. 1 in 3 Americans over the age of 65 get information about products and services on YouTube.

The younger generation is not the only audience for YouTube. In fact, many people in the 65+ generation are also using YouTube to get information about products and services.

4. 72% of American men and women use YouTube

Both men and women use YouTube in equal proportions. Of all Internet users, 72% of men and women each say they use YouTube. This means that the Americans you are marketing to are most likely to be using YouTube.

5. 50% increase in views for videos targeting "beginners

As people are forced to refrain from going out after 2020, many are looking for new hobbies and ways to spend their time. This is especially evident on YouTube, where videos targeting "beginners" who are learning something for the first time have seen a 50% increase in views.

That means, in other words, it's the perfect time to try to attract new customers with video marketing content designed for beginners to your product or service.

6. over 70% of YouTube content is viewed on mobile devices

As many as 70% of people watch YouTube on mobile devices, so make sure to create mobile-friendly video content. Since a smartphone screen is smaller than a computer screen, when creating a video, it is better to make sure that the service or product content is properly conveyed in an attractive manner and that there is no illegible text.

7. 19.81% of users watch videos based on recommended content

About 4 out of 5 users are watching videos based on what YouTube recommends in the sidebar. This means that you need to optimize your content and incorporate YouTube hashtags to make it more likely to be recommended by YouTube.

Reference: 25 YouTube Stats to Power Your 2021 Marketing Strategy | Sprout Social

Video Marketing Tips for International Markets

Video content for the Japanese market and content for overseas markets are created from completely different perspectives. In Japan, we tend to use famous people to create an impression of our products and services through their image, and we often emphasize detailed explanations. On the other hand, in the U.S. and other countries, videos tend to be simple and design-oriented, boldly expressed, or designed to arouse the viewer's curiosity, with little text in the video. In other words, there are different ways of expressing the same product or service in a video.

In addition, it is not enough to simply use grammatically correct English to send out information to overseas markets. The nuances of English vary depending on the culture, race, age, and region of the country, so it is necessary to create video content in English that is acceptable and comfortable for the target audience of your marketing.

TAMAKI CONSULTING is here to create videos for overseas markets

In this article, I introduced video marketing for the US.

Not only is the demand for online video increasing as it did last year, but with 5G becoming more and more prevalent, video advertising is expected to become even more prevalent than website advertising when it comes to marketing to the US.

YouTube is the most popular social media platform in the U.S. and has a wide range of age groups, which means that there are countless video marketing opportunities.

When creating videos, not only for the U.S., but also for other countries, it is important to take into account the local culture and trends to create content that is natural and acceptable.

At TAMAKI CONSULTING, we produce videos for the American market.

We create videos that make your services and products more appealing by adding design, music, and messages that match the tastes and preferences of Americans.

Reference video: JAPAN| Cinematic Online Travel Video

Objective: To introduce Japanese culture to the world

Target: English speakers who are considering online travel during the self-restraint period


A 1-minute short video that conveys a sense of tranquility and unique to Japanese culture.

The video is designed to attract people to online travel services.

In order to make it easy to be accepted by Western people, the amount of text is kept as simple as possible, and the music and images are processed in a cinema style.

We will continue to update information on video marketing and web advertising banners for overseas markets as needed.