【Financial Analysis】 Apple Q2 (Jan-Mar) Earnings + Revenue Growth Factors.

Apple, a multinational company that develops and sells the iPhone and other revolutionary technology devices around the world, continues to reign supreme as one of the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon). The fact that the new coronavirus continues to attract Apple fans even a year after it spread shows that the company's products sustainably support our daily lives.

On April 28, 2021, Apple announced its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2021, which ends on March 27, 2021. Sales for the quarter were a record $89.6 billion for the January-March period, a 54% increase over the same period last year. I would like to examine the factors behind the increase in sales despite the fact that the spread of the new coronavirus around the world has not yet come to an end.

Reference: Apple Inc.

First of all, the spread of the new coronavirus has led to demand for telecommuting and home study. The emergence of the new coronavirus has

completely changed our lives. Businessmen have switched from going to work to teleworking, and students have switched to online classes. Technology devices have become necessary to work and study efficiently. Among the products in high demand were the iMac and iPad Pro, with sales of the Mac series up 70% YoY and the iPad series up 78% YoY. The iPad, in particular, has the advantage of being portable and can be used anywhere in a variety of fields, so it is a product that can be expected to continue to grow depending on innovation.

Next is the demand for 5G-capable iphone12. 5G is a next-generation network that is attracting attention as a technology that represents the arrival of a new era. It is characterized by 1) high capacity, 2) low latency, and 3) multiple connections. Compared to 4G, it has about 20 times the transmission speed, one-tenth the latency, and 10 times the number of simultaneous connections. The arrival of 5G is said to be an important key to revitalizing the entire economy, with benefits in various fields such as recognition and identification of people and behaviors, home healthcare, automated driving, and smart cities. iphone12 sales increased 65% YoY. In the Corona disaster, 5G compatible devices were essential to meet the diversifying work styles.

The results for the second quarter of FY2021 mainly consisted of the above two factors. However, in order to achieve good results in the future, we must keep abreast of unimaginable external factors and market needs, such as the new coronavirus. And to exceed the expectations of users, continuous innovation efforts will be necessary.

[Financial Results for the Second Quarter of 2021] Total sales 89.6 billion dollars (54% up from the same period last year) Sales ratio outside US market 67%↑ Operating cash flow $24.0 billion Net income $23.6 billion

Net sales by product (YoY) Mac sales up 70% YoY

Sales of iphone up 65% YoY ipad sales up 78% YoY itunes+software (applecare+apple pay license fee, etc.)

Sales up 26% YoY Sales of Weareables, Home & Accessories, etc. up 25% YoY