【A new YouTube feature will make its connected TV ads more shoppable】

YouTube announced Brand Extensions, a new interactive feature

On May 5, 2021, YouTube announced Brand Extensions, a new interactive feature aimed at advertisers that will make YouTube a more shoppable platform.

This will allow YouTube viewers to learn more about the products and services they see on the screen by simply clicking an on-screen button, without having to interrupt their YouTube viewing. This new feature was launched on a trial basis in the U.S., and will be available worldwide later this year. This feature should be available in Japan in the near future as well, so keep your eyes peeled for it for your video marketing.

(↓ You can see what the feature looks like in the video, if you are interested)

This new ad format allows you to highlight your company's "website link" or "send to phone" button.

When viewers click on the contact button, they can have the promotion or URL sent directly to their mobile device without interrupting their viewing experience.

On the mobile device, the viewer can use the website in the same way as usual, such as browsing products, adding products to the cart, completing transactions, etc. And when they want to see product information, they can do so without bothering to interrupt the video.

In the past, even if there was a product or service that the viewer was interested in, they would have to interrupt their viewing and look for the link to the company URL, which would cause them to leave the website, but with this service, it will be possible to encourage more people to access the company than before.

In the case of e-commerce advertising, for example, brands will be able to add product images to their video ads, and interested viewers will be able to easily click on them to access their websites or apps and shop more.

According to YouTube, advertisers will also be able to measure the conversions generated by these brand extensions directly in Google Ads.

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Many video shopping services have been created

As mentioned above, e-commerce will grow on YouTube, and video shopping services on many platforms are now emerging.

TikTok has become the home of video-based e-commerce, and with its integrated links and Shopify integration, it has enhanced its tools to drive video viewers to its website and has been successful in e-commerce.

Other video shopping platforms include Popshop Live, NTWRK, ShopShops, TalkShopLive, Bambuser, etc.

Facebook has also invested in live shopping and video shopping on both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is also investing in live shopping and shopping with video on both Facebook and Instagram.

Walmart (which also tried to acquire a stake in the app when President Trump tried to force a sale) has hosted multiple shopping live streams in recent months.

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YouTube marketing is a must

In this article, I introduced a new YouTube feature called "Brand Extensions" that will be launched worldwide by the end of this year. With this new feature, YouTube viewers will be able to easily learn more about the products and services they see on the screen by simply clicking a button on the screen without interrupting their YouTube viewing. This means that product and service providers will have more chances to let more people know about their products and services through YouTube.

At the moment, this feature is not yet available in Japan, but it is expected to be available worldwide later this year, so we can look forward to the future!

Video marketing using YouTube and other video content (visual content) can effectively introduce and explain a company's products and services, thus increasing the chances of expanding business.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, YouTube is the platform with the highest range of age groups, as it has 2 billion monthly logged-in users worldwide and a wide range of video creation agents for small children, students, professionals, and retirees. Therefore, there are countless marketing opportunities on YouTube. And with this new feature, those opportunities are expected to accelerate.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this opportunity is to be proactive in marketing your YouTube videos.

TAMAKI CONSULTING create YouTube videos for overseas markets

At TAMAKI CONSULTING, we produce videos for overseas markets.

We create videos that make your services and products more appealing by adding design, music, and messages that match the tastes and preferences of overseas markets.

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A 1-minute short video that conveys a sense of tranquility and unique to Japanese culture.

The video is designed to attract people to online travel services.

In order to make it easy to be accepted by Western people, the amount of text is kept as simple as possible, and the music and images are processed in a cinema style.

We will continue to update information on video marketing and web advertising banners for overseas markets as needed.