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What is MBTI Test?
Here is an explanation of the MBTI assessment used by Tamaki Consulting.

Tamaki Consulting considers the MBTI diagnosis when providing sales consulting services, and then considers what sales techniques are best for the individual and how to optimize team building.


The MBTI refers to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality assessment established in the 1940s by Americans Isabel Myers and Briggs Myers based on the typology of the psychoanalyst Jung. It is a method that has been scientifically proven to be effective.


It is a very famous method in Europe and the United States, and many of my acquaintances have been influenced by the MBTI.


The MBTI is judged based on the following four major axes, and it is designed to help you understand your own natural characteristics.


We will deal with personality types based on four mental functions/attitudes: (1) extroversion/introversion, (2) feeling/intuition, (3) thinking/emotion, and (4) decision-making/flexibility.


It is important to note that there is no such thing as superiority or inferiority among these personality types.

Each has its own unique strengths.

Therefore, there is no need to blame yourself for mistakenly thinking that you need to be an extrovert because you are in sales, or that you need to be a thinker instead of an emotional person in order to be intelligent. There is no need to blame yourself. Your personality type does not determine your intelligence.


Even if you have the same personality type, your upbringing and values are all different. I am not denying that each person has their own personality, but I am showing that there are common qualities.


What I would like to say is that by knowing these personality types, you can recognize your own strengths that you have been taking for granted and not realizing, and if you can further develop them, you will be able to work harder and with more motivation, which will help you live a more vibrant life. If you can recognize your strengths and develop them further, you will be able to work harder and with more motivation, which will help you lead a more vibrant life.

If you can look deeply inside yourself and make full use of your innate talents, you can improve the quality of your life as well as your work.


Also, by understanding the personality traits of people who are the opposite of you, you will be able to have a mindset to understand others from a different perspective, which will help you understand other companies. It will be useful for good team building.


The MBTI assessment is a tool for understanding not only oneself, but also others.

At Tamaki Consulting, we use this MBTI assessment to provide sales consulting services to salespeople, focusing on understanding the salesperson's personality tendencies, developing the salesperson's strengths, and providing sales advice while taking into consideration sales techniques that suit the character.


Based on the results of the MBTI assessment, the consulting service for managers provides advice to help managers think about how to respond to their subordinates according to their personality type when instructing them for better team building. By recognizing each other's personality type, it helps to understand each other within the team, which contributes to the formation of good teamwork.


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