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Sales consultant

Kazumasa Tamaki

Majored in Psychology at Portland State University.
After returning to Japan, he has over 15 years of experience in new development sales and organizational management of 10 to 40 people in a wide range of industries such as foreign financial institutions, human resources, event planning, translation, and non-life insurance industry.
Currently, at Tamaki consulting
, he provides a wide range of sales advisors from large companies such as sales departments of major financial insurance companies to small and medium-sized companies. He has an online salon where he shares information on effective sales techniques.  

In addition to new development sales as a sales department manager at a Swiss company that provides language services, he is engaged in sales employee management including personnel evaluation system formulation, organizational reforms such as department organization, and recruitment of human resources. Achieved a sales growth rate of 327% in FY2019 through strategic sales methods. Build a relationship of trust with clients through strategic and diligent follow-up, and maintain a customer repeat rate of 80%.


Utilizing the sales psychology that we built ourselves based on 15 years of sales experience in a wide range of industries, we will be able to provide solutions that match the needs by drawing out issues and needs in a short time while evoking the sympathy of clients. Our strength is to develop new employees.


MBTI diagnosis: ESFP type

Features: Work is interesting and active is the motto. A personality that can flexibly respond to changes, is sensitive to human needs, and wants to help people in a realistic way.


Tamaki consulting 社会保険労務士有資格者/バイリンガルライター


Tamaki Consultingにおいてオウンドメディアの執筆を行う。




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